Do you have an inner knowing that there is more to life? Would you like to identify your soul’s true path? Are you compelled by a desire to contribute more meaningfully in the world? In my latest book, I reveal how to effectively make the shift from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary living—a life suffused with purpose, aliveness, and light—through the Akashic Records

Hi! I’m Linda Howe, spiritual counselor, award winning author and teacher. In 2001, I founded the Center for Akashic Studies to share my inspired curriculum for spiritual growth and development. As leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies, specializing in the use of the Akasha for personal empowerment and transformation, I was the first person ever to make effective instruction available to the world community through my books, tapes and classes.


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Excerpt from the Book!

Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary

On the surface, an ExtraOrdinary life may appear to be quite similar to an ordinary life. In each, we work at jobs to earn money to pay bills to secure items for our survival and comfort. We develop relationships with neighbors, friends, and family. There is a significant quality to an ExtraOrdinary life that distinguishes it from an ordinary one, and that is a quality of aliveness. Anindividual living an ExtraOrdinary life lives from the inside out, leading with their Innermost Self. This is a person whose normal human body, mind, and feelings are in the direct service of their soul; in their soul-led life, they constantly and continuously reflect the Divine light. Consequently, the bumps and bruises of life are not stifling or nearly as dramatic. The intention of an individual living an ExtraOrdinary life is to always seek to find the light in others and in life. Committed to recognizing, identifying, and validating the light in every aspect of humanity, this person enjoys immunity from the impact of  negativity. This is not to say that they never encounter or experience the difficult, but, rather, that it doesn’t stop them from finding the good, even in life’s most terrible situations. They are inspired to perform great acts of kindness and generosity.A deceptively simple strategy that was revealed to me through my work in the Akashic Records becomes our protocol for making this significant shift. The Records can be understood asthe “Cosmic Chronicles of You.” They tell the story of your soul’s journey through space and time as a human being. More than that, The Akashic Records comprise an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities. They are formed of energy and exist simultaneously within us as people, and beyond the material world in a vibrational dimension. The Records serve as an infinite spiritual resource for personal growth and empowerment. The four-step protocol can be used by anyone but is particularly potent within the Records, because it emerges from this profoundly loving dimension. It consists of:

✓ Awareness

✓ Acceptance

✓ Appreciation

✓ Appropriate Action

When used consciously to support our transformation, this protocol yields remarkable growth.  Our stated quest in this book is to make this shift from ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Living. Together, we will travel this well-defined path, one segment at a time, examining our understandings of five related ideas which function as a whole—as a single beam of light, if you will. They are Incarnation, Authority, Discipline, Responsibility, and Commitment. Each individual concept is a variation on the theme of light; and each one is made of light.  We will study these five pillar concepts by applying the transformational protocol just identified. In the end, you will find yourself becoming the person that you know you truly are, enjoying an ExtraOrdinary relationship with everyone you meet, conscious of our Oneness and the infinite, eternal spark at the core of every living being. Join me, as together we embark on this Akashic adventure designed to discover your soul’s path!