Teacher Certification Program

Our Certified Advanced Practitioner program and Certified Teacher program go hand-in-hand to offer the most comprehensive Akashic Records training available anywhere in the world.

The Teacher Training program is built upon the Advanced Pracitioner curriculum. All students complete the requirements of the Advanced Practitioner program, and those who want to pursue Teacher Certification complete the additional requirements outlined in the Program Description (below).

Click here for the Invitation document. Please read it.

Click here for the complete Program Description and requirements document. Please read it.

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Linda invites you to attend a FREE 30-minute Q&A conference call to answer your questions about this program, curriculum, and certification requirements on Tuesday, May 29 at 12 noon CST (Chicago Time), please register at this link.

Teacher Training Testimonials:

"The year-long teacher training with Linda Howe is an opportunity to deeply explore the Akashic Records and learn from a real master of the work. Being assisted by your fellow classmates in the exploration enables you to go to levels that can't be matched. Each of the four times you get together, you'll be amazed by your own journey and how much you and your classmates have evolved. Not only will you learn a great deal about yourselves, you'll be slowly but surely prepared to get out there and teach the work, secure by the end of the year that you really are ready. It's wonderful to have the Pathway Prayer Process and to see how life-changing it can be for others. Guiding students to access the Records helps them become spiritually independent and healthily interdependent. I heartily recommend the teacher training." - Maria Benning, Austin, TX (Class of 2010)

"The 2010 Akashic Records Teacher Training was invaluable for me.  The experiential structure of Linda's year-long program quickly and deeply expanded my connection with my own Records, which I now use for writing as well as personal evolution.  The group's experience was empowering and gave me Akashic friends all over the country.  Most importantly, Linda’s supportive mentorship prepared me well to begin teaching others to work with their Records at this pivotal time in our collective evolution.  I’m delighted to be part of her Akashic Teachers Team!" – Barbara Schiffman, Los Angeles CA (Class of 2010)

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